Debt settlement can be important to recovering from poor financial circumstances

Plantation Florida Debt Settlement Negotiation Lawyers

At Light & Gonzalez PLLC our Plantation Florida Debt Settlement Negotiation Lawyers help our clients recover from their tough financial circumstance. It’s important to have a lawyer willing to fight for you in your settlement negotiations to help you get into an arrangement you can afford.   We are available for consultation in Plantation Florida to discuss your debt matter, and we handle cases throughout South Florida. Whether you live in Broward County, Miami-Dade County or Palm Beach County our lawyers will work with you to try to get you the best possible results. If you’re interesting in settling, we will try to negotiate down your debt, but if your creditors wont agree to an arrangement you can afford we’re prepared to defend your matter through litigation.

Don’t be surprised if an lawyer answers the phone when you call! We are available for consultation in Plantation Florida, and handle cases throughout South Florida.  Contact us today to speak with an experienced Plantation Florida attorney who will review your case and discuss your legal options.

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    Our Plantation Florida  Debt Settlement Lawyers Can Help

    Our firm will help you through your hard financial times. Light & Gonzalez, PLLC is dedicated to getting our clients to their most desired outcome.  We are a firm geared towards litigation and will never back down from a fight, but if our client would like to settle their case we use our litigating and negotiating skills to try to put our client in the best position to settle.  It’s important to have a lawyer working for you that can put forward a full defense to the claims the bank or debt collector has brought against you.  Negotiating from a position of strength is important to achieving your desired outcome. Contact us today and we will thoroughly explain the entire negotiation process from beginning to end.


    Our Plantation Florida Credit Card Debt Lawyers Can Help

    Credit card debt is generally unsecured, and therefore generally dischargeable through bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is not a great option for everyone and we always recommend that our client explore all their options prior to filing for bankruptcy. Perhaps the best thing about bankruptcy is that creditors know a debtor can often discharge a debt completely, leaving them with little to nothing.  This alone provides creditors and debt collectors an incentive to negotiate a credit card debt down to something that a consumer can afford to pay.  Our Plantation Debt Settlement Negotiation Lawyers can help you find the best options to get rid of your debt.  Contact Light & Gonzalez, PLLC to see what your options are.


    Our Plantation Florida Debt Settlement  Lawyers Can Help

    We will always recommend that you explore every option you have available to you so you can make the most informed decision. We are happy thoroughly discuss the pros and cons of all options that are available to you for your credit card debt action.  It is our job to help you through one of the most difficult times of your life, and our Plantation Florida Debt Lawyers will do everything we can to make the process as smooth and transparent as possible.


Almost everyone that comes to see us at Light & Gonzalez, PLLC is interested in resolving their outstanding debt amicably, and our Plantation Florida Lawyers  are here to help you explore your options for amicable resolution and to inform you about all your options.  In certain circumstances a skilled negotiator can help you get to your desired resolution quickly and painlessly, but in others it takes litigation to bring the bank or debt collector to the table for negotiation. At Light & Gonzalez first and foremost we are litigators, but we have a tremendous amount of experience in negotiations. Our litigating and negotiating strategies have resulted in some of the following results for our clients:

  1. Reduction in principal balance of debt owed;
  2. Loan modification and repayment arrangements with lowered interest rates;
  3. Mutual walk-away (bank agrees to satisfy the debt in exchange for both parties bearing their own attorney’s fees and costs);
  4. Dismissal of lawsuit and release of debt with additional monies paid to our client

We are NOT a debt settlement/consolidation firm that collects payments from you to distribute to your creditors.  We are  litigating attorneys who fight for our clients in court to try to help our clients achieve their most desirable outcome.


It is important to know your legal rights if a debt collector or creditor is seeking to collect money from you on an alleged debt.  Our Plantation Florida Debt Settlement Lawyers may be able to help you bring several defenses to the collection and/or enforcement in their matter to help put you in the best position to settle your case. Some of the common defenses that may be raised in credit card debt defense matters are:

  • Standing (the company filing suit does not own the debt);
  • Statute of limitations (varies from state-to- state);
  • Failure to Attach essential documents to their lawsuit which was filed against you;
  • Incorrect amount alleged as being due and owing
  • Judgement obtained against you was VOID
  • Failure to comply with state and federal debt collection laws.

In order for you to know what defenses may apply in your circumstance, you should meet with an experienced debt litigation attorney who is familiar with these defenses and how they may be able to apply in your matter.

Contact 888-DEBT-LAW today to speak with a qualified debt negotiation lawyer. We will discuss all of the options you have available, and our lawyers will work with you to try to achieve your goals whether you would like to try to negotiate down your debt, or if you want to fight the bank through litigation.


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