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Plantation Florida Debt Collection Defense Lawyers

Debt collectors are notorious for attempting to collect debts they have no legal ability to collect.  Just because a debt collector says you owe money does not mean they have the right to file a lawsuit against you to collect on it. At Light & Gonzalez, PLLC our lawyers are ready to represent consumers to defend against debt collectors and to investigate their abusive practices to see if there might be claims you have as a consumer to recover compensation for their unlawful harassment and abuse. Both federal statutes and Florida statutes provide remedies for debtors who have been the victim of unfair debt collection practices. Contact the Plantation Florida Debt Collection Lawyers at Light & Gonzalez, PLLC to request a free consultation.


Debt Collection is More Concentrated in the Southeastern United States.

Statistical studies on the regional distribution of debt collection activities have shown that the Southeastern United states has some of the highest concentration of debts that have been sent to collection and consequently the highest levels of debt collection activity. A working paper by the Urban Institute demonstrates a correlation between debts in collection with regions hit particularly hard by the foreclosure crisis and higher percentages of uninsured. Florida is no exception; because Florida was hit hard by the foreclosure crisis and because there are a great number of uninsured individuals living in South Florida, it comes as no surprise that there are a lot of people facing debt collection, and just as many at risk of being the target of illegal, harassing debt collection efforts.

The CFPB Shows that Debt Collection Will Not Be Stopping Anytime Soon

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau releases annual reports on complaints it receives from consumers on debt collection behavior. Unfortunately, even though the economy has been recovering steadily since the Great Recession, debt collection effort are showing no signs of stopping.

Even more disturbing is that the most common complaint filed with the CFPB is that debt collectors are attempting to collect debt that are not actually owed.

[T]he most common debt collection complaint is about continued attempts to collect a debt that the consumer reports is not owed. The vast majority of these consumers report that the debt is not their debt (61%) or that the debt was paid (27%), while the remaining consumers report that the debt resulted from identity theft (8%) or was discharged in bankruptcy (4%).

CFPB Complaint Statistics

Type of Complaint 2015 2016
Disclosure verification of debt Continued attempts to collect debt not owed
12,900 17,500
Improper contact or sharing of info
34,300 36,200
False statements or representation
5,600 5,400
Communication tactics
8,100 7,800
Taking or threatening an illegal action
15,200 13,500
Grand Total 85,100 88,000
Consumer Finanicial Protection Bureau 2017 Debt Collection Annual-Report

Contact a Plantation Florida Lawyer to Discuss Your Rights Under the Law

Do not let yourself be victimized by illegal debt collection activities. You have a right to defend any lawsuit that has been brought against you, and you have a right to pursue claims against debt collectors that have attempted to collect a debt from you that you do not owe. If a debt collectors has threatened you with imprisonment or in any other way contact Light & Gonzalez, PLLC today to speak with an attorney to discuss your legal options.


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