Our Practices Areas

Foreclosure Defense

Protecting our homes when the bank forecloses. Help with litigation, deficiency defense,  loan modifications, and loss mitigation.


Protecting the community from creditors by helping individuals and families use the legal tools available to discharge their debts.

Unfair Debt Collection

Protecting consumers from unfair debt collection practices by filing lawsuits against debt collectors and creditor who use abusive practices.

Small Business Litigation

Protecting small businesses in their legal disputes, and advising clients on how to navigate through the South Florida business environment.

Personal Injury

Protecting the community’s health when someone’s negligence causes injuries or wrongful death.

Drugs and Devices

Protecting our communities from unsafe drugs and medical devices that cause harmful side effects.

Car Accidents

Protecting our community from unsafe drivers when their negligence or intentional acts cause serious harm.

Discrimination Litigation

Protecting our community from abusive discrimination practices that send our society backwards.