generic drug pill bottles
Generic drug pill bottles

South Florida Generic Drug Lawyers

At Light & Gonzalez PLLC we actively investigate cases where a patient has been injured by the side effects of generic drugs and other prescriptions pharmaceuticals. Typically generic drug manufacturers are not liable to consumers who have been prescribed generic drugs under federal preemption doctrine, but our South Florida Generic Drugs Lawyers will aggressively look into your potential case to see if you have a claim against a generic drug company or another party that was responsible for communicating warnings to you or your doctor about the side effects of your prescription medication. In some circumstances a drug company may still be liable to you if you’ve been harmed by their medication.  Additionally, other parties such as pharmacies and doctor could also be liable to you if they provide you with incorrect information.

We are available for consultation in Broward County, and handle cases throughout the country.  Contact us today to speak with our experienced South Florida Generic Drug Lawyers who will review your case and explore your legal options.

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    Our South Florida Generic Drug Lawyers Might be Able to Help

    Generally speaking generic drugs have the same side effects as their name brand counterparts, but the legal claims are very different. While your doctors may be aware of the side effects of medication, often times you aren’t aware of all the side effects.  When warnings are directed directly to you, you may have an actionable claim against the company that created or distributed that warning.  At Light & Gonzalez, PLLC we litigate cases where people have been harmed from the side effects of generic drugs. Contact our South Florida Generic Drug Lawyers today to request a free consultation.


    Our South Florida Generic Drug Lawyers Can Help

    Black box warnings are the most prominent warning that a durg manufacturer can place on a label.  This is information that the FDA and the drug company feel you or your doctor must know in order to prescribe the drug safely.  Often times these warnings aren’t added to drugs until they’ve been on the market for a long period of time, which means if you were prescribed the drug before the black box made its way onto the label your doctor may not have had all the information he needed to prescribe the drug safely.  If the drug company had this information that warranted the need for a black box and did nothing, they may be liable to you for injuries you suffered. This is not your doctors fault, and our firm does not sue doctors for these claims. If you or your loved one took a generic drug and were injured by its side effects, contact us today to speak with qualified South Florida Generic Drug Lawyers.


    Our South Florida Generic Drug Lawyers Can Help

    Drug recalls happen when the FDA determines that a drug is too unsafe to prescribe.  Astonishingly generic drugs are even recalled. This is astonishing because if a drug is being manufactured by multiple manufacturers this usually means it has been on the market for a very long time.  When a drug gets recalled after such a long period of time, the South Florida Lawyers at Light & Gonzalez, PLLC get suspicious and begin to investigate when exactly the drug company had the information that served as the basis for the recall.

    At Light & Gonzalez, PLLC we litigate cases where generic drug companies greed has gotten in the way of safety. If you have been injured by a recalled drug contact our South Florida Generic Drug Lawyers today for a free consultation.


    Our South Florida Unsafe Drug and Medical Device Lawyers Can Help

    If you’ve been injured by the harmful side effects of an unsafe prescription drug or medical device we know you are probably going through a rough time in your life.  We will patiently listen to your story and craft a legal action plan that fits your legal goals. It is important to know all the option you have available to you when you have been injured, contact an attorney at Light & Gonzalez, PLLC to speak with a qualified our South Florida Unsafe Drug and Medical Device Lawyers.

Generic Drug single pill or capsule
Generic drug single pill or capsule

South Florida Generic Drug Lawyers

At Light & Gonzalez, PLLC our South Florida Generic Drug Lawyers are experienced in evaluating potential drug claims.  If you have been the victim of taking an unsafe drug, our attorneys will carefully examine the facts of your case to see if you have an actionable claim.  A lot goes into determining whether your claim could be valid, but our South Florida Lawyers will provide you with a free initial consultation. If our lawyers determine you may have a potential claim, our firm offers contingency fees to our clients where you will not pay a fee or costs unless we recover for you.

Generic Drugs and Failure to Warn

Two U.S. Supreme Court decisions have had a significant impact on bringing failure to warn claims related to injuries suffered from the side effects of generic drugs. In PLIVA v. Mensing, and Mutual Pharmaceuticals v. Bartlett, the United States Supreme Court ruled that the manufacturers of generic pharmaceuticals could not be held liable for failing to warn the patients that were prescribed their drugs.  The highly controversial decision has been the subject of much debate and is currently being revisited by regulators.

Why Can’t Generic Drug Manufacturers be Held Liable?

In a nutshell generic drug manufacturers can’t be held liable for failing to warn the end consumers of prescriptions drugs because they lack the same control over the warning label that name brand manufacturers have.  While a name brand manufacturer can change their warning label immediately after they become aware of information that would necessitates an update, under the currently regulatory scheme the U.S. Supreme Court has decided that generic drug manufacturers don’t have that same control.

Instead Generic Drug Manufacturer’s only responsibility is to ensure that their labeling matches the name brand manufacturer’s labeling and continuously kept up to date.  Believe it or not, sometimes generic manufacturers fail to carry even this minimal burden, and in those cases there may be an actionable claim for “failure to update” the warning label, but it can still be difficult to prove this failure to update was the proximate cause of a patient’s injuries.

Alternative Claims Against Generic Drug Manufacturers

There may still be avenues for you to recover for injuries suffered from the side effects of generic drugs.  The South Florida Generic Drug Lawyers at Light & Gonzalez, PLLC have studied case law very closely and under certain circumstances patients may be able to recover for their injuries from companys that may have exacerbated their injuries and masked the true side effects of the generic drugs. Contact our lawyers today to speak to an attorney qualified to handle your claim.

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